Where To Find Coupon Codes

22 Oct, 2023
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Where To Find Coupon Codes

As technology advances, so too does the way we buy things, and now we can save cash on our purchases with online promo codes. Promo code sites have become big business, with online coupons surpassing paper for the first time in 2022. Major coupon sites make millions based almost entirely on commissions from each sale. In this article, I'll cover where to find coupon codes and some of the best sites to leverage them from.

I've never been a fan of going to coupon sites as they tend to operate more like a big-box store rather than a destination site. Some offer a good deal on a specific item, but usually only on the condition that you buy more of whatever it is they sell.

That's why my favorite sites to use coupons from are the ones that save the most money on the things I buy. I do like to switch it up and try out new coupon sites too, but they don't directly save me money.

Sometimes when you find a good deal, you can find it on a bunch of different sites and get even more use out of it. I'm not talking about not using your coupons in one place and getting full value somewhere else, but using them across multiple places at once where each site directly saves you money.

You can find and share coupons and promo codes for your favorites sites in your social networks, but I like to save them directly to my phone and store accounts. That way, I can use them anytime and anywhere, whether it's online or offline.

Once you save a code to your phone or store accounts, you can use it at checkout without the need to re-enter it each time. Just like that sweater you love is on sale at three different stores with three different coupon codes this week? Save the codes to your phone and make it all one transaction when you check out with a single click of a button.

It's really convenient to have all your coupons in one place. When you're shopping, you can see the deals on each site you've entered and compare prices. You can use them for different items or combine them to get more savings across multiple categories.

This time, I'll show you how to do it on all of your iOS devices using Apple's mobile app store, the App Store.

Open the App Store app. If it's not already open, tap to open the side menu, then tap 'My Apps'. In iTunes Store or App Store, find and select the app that you want to edit your promo codes for. Tap one of the links in your purchase history. This will take you to a screen with your order details. Scroll down and you'll see a section to edit promo codes under the 'Where To Buy' tab. This is where you can enter or copy in a coupon code from a different website or email address to use when you make a purchase within iOS on this device.

If the promo code needs to be redeemed by tapping on a specific button or entering it in a different spot on the app, it will be explained here. Otherwise, you are all set!

Consider making an account with sites for big-box stores you frequent or brand names you know and trust. Brands like Macy's, Target, Staples, Sears and many others offer exclusive coupons to their clients through email campaigns. With these campaigns becoming more prevalent, it's got me thinking that I should make an account for each of my favorite stores. If I can save even ten percent off without having to leave my house to shop? That's a no-brainer.

So far, it's been great to watch online promotional codes grow and influence the way we buy goods. Thanks to sites like RetailMeNotLiving Social, Couponvario, Couponcabin, CouponFollow and Groupon, I now know which stores are offering my favorite things for the lowest price.

The combination of online coupons and mobile apps has made it so easy to save wherever I am online or offline. I don't need to physically go into my favorite stores or wait on the phone - these sites provide me with savings directly by entering codes in my phone app or account on their websites.

With promo code sites becoming more mainstream, I'm curious to see how they'll evolve over the coming years. I can't wait to see what deals can replace coupons in a year's time!

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